In spring 2018, 21 participants (healthy older adults, 65 years and older) were included in the second feasibility study in Switzerland with the improved version of the Active@Home exergame. Exergaming is a promising solution to simultaneously train motor and cognitive functions. This motor-cognitive interplay is crucial for many daily life functions including safe gait. The 8-week training period (3 times per week à 40 min) took place partly in the living lab of ETH Zurich and partly at participants' homes. Study results showed again a high adherence rate whereas no difference was evident for the two training locations. Therefore, we conclude that home-based training in older adults might be feasible. Moreover, comparing performance before and after the intervention period, a significant improvement was evident in some gait parameters (e.g. minimal toe clearance), in information processing speed and short-term memory. Now we are ready for a large randomized controlled trial assessing the training effects of the Active@Home exergame on several physical and cognitive functions and brain structure of older adults compared to usual care.

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