Falls present a major burden for societies all around the world if one looks at demographic developments. For instance, falls are the major cause of institutionalization in older adults. Current research has found that there is one effective strategy to reduce fall risk: the combination of cognitive and physical exercise.

The Active@Home project intends to increase physical activity in older adults and simultaneously improve their cognitive abilities. It makes use of so-called exergames - motivating video games, that combine the cognitive and motor aspects which seem to be important for an effective training to prevent falls. And that is how it works: The user plays the video games presented on a screen by 3-dimensional movements which are detected by four sensors attached to each wrist and ankle, respectively. The video games guide the user through a progressive training program that consists of exercises requiring physical as well as cognitive effort.

Scientific results about the project are on the way: A first pilot study was conducted and showed promising results. Now, a larger study is starting in 3 countries with 60 participants.

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